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Advertise your business, services items for sell - postzoo - The Community Network

Facebook  Twitter is an online community advertising network, we operate as a classifieds ads website for individuals and a business directory for businesses and services.

Postzoo was formed in the summer of 2011 as a result of the rising cost of advertising space, postzoo was born to allow businesses, individuals and groups a place to advertise, sell items, network and receive quality replies, interest and website views.

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Why post an Ad on postzoo?
  • It's FREE to post an Ad
  • Quick and simple to post
  • Manage your ads in your admin area
  • Post unlimited Ads
  • Exposure for your business service or products
  • Suitable for trade and private sales
Since then it has been steadily growing to become one of the UK's most visited free advertising websites with over 150,000 page views per month and thousands of registered users. Our team is focused on making sure your adverts are seen by the right quality and quantity of people, by continuously online and offline including local radio and newspaper advertisements and also through various social media platforms.

What makes us different to other free ads websites is that we actually care about our users ads getting the desired results, we work enthusiastically to make this happen, customer satisfication is our number one focus.

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Featured Ads

Feature your ad on

 Featured ads will apear at the top of listings in your chosen category, your ad will also appear on the home page in the featured ads section and all other pages that display featured ads gaining maximum exposure and making them more likely to be viewed and read. Your ad will remain featured for a period of 3 months.Your Featured Ad is 6 times more likely to be read than a normal ad.

Your ad will also be highlighted and the words Featured Ad will appear on your listings.

You can feature your ad at the point of posting or at a later date in your account/admin area.

Cost: £3 for 3 months

 Payments: Paypal
Other options include urgent Ads and Sponsored links

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