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International Marketing - Fashion Industry - Part 1

Political Issues affecting fashion Industry 

One of the fundamental key Political issues within the fashion Industry is child labour, Unicef advises that there are an estimated 260 Million child workers globally, with at least 170 million specifically working within the fashion industry often at the beginning of the fashion supply chain in order to feed the demand for fast paced fashion trends internationally but specifically in Europe and U.S. Child labor is prevalent in developing countries which often deprives children the right to an education, although it is against the law in most countries, children continue to be part of the production of garments and textiles, the demand for low skilled labor within the industry has helped fuel the demand for cheap and even forced labor. 

Fashion industry is comprised of complex supply chains which can range from children picking cotton in Benin to spinning yarns in India. 

Another fundamental political concern within the industry is workers’ rights and working conditions, as  clothing is often produced in developing countries clothing is often produced by those facing poverty, this has led to an increased abuse of these said workers, for example in Bangladesh over  3 million people, predominantly women are reliant on work within the garment industry, often receiving only £25 a month for extremely long days, which at the extreme can include up to 10 - 18 hour shifts and 7 day weeks. Workers within the fashion industry are often sourced for cheap labour and paid below the minimum wage and forced to work in difficult conditions and forced into extra hours unpaid. 

Part 2 - coming soon