Sunday, 11 October 2015

Help Ben walk with out pain

Help Ben walk with out pain


Ben Baddeley is 10 and has cerebral palsy. He was going to have an op called SDR which the NHS pulled the funding on. 

We need to raise money for aftercare

donations via paypal: 

This will help our son get the operation he deserves and live a pain free life. We have raised the money for the SDR operation and paid for it. Because we have self funded the NHS have now told us that they don't have duty of care for Bens rehabilitation. This leaves us liable for Bens aftercare, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and any equipment needed for the next two years. We now have to raise the funds to cover this as ben has ten years worth of muscles to build up and tendons to stretch after the operation. The operation takes away the spasticity and the pain he is in everyday leaving him with a pain free life but there is a lot of hard work afterwards for several years with physiotherapy and training to help build his muscles, retrain him to walk and stretch his tendons. 

The video below shows why the operation is so life changing. 

This is a link to the sentinel which has several articles on Ben


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