Thursday, 2 April 2015

Transform your Life TODAY Free Ads | Classifieds | Advertise

Transform your Life TODAY Free Ads | Classifieds | Advertise

Transform your Life TODAY

Is it time you were happy? Begin the positive changes your life needs, right NOW, TODAY.
The only thing you need to decide is are you really happy right now in Life? Or are you ready to change it?
This program is designed to change the way you think, which consequently changes the way you feel and see yourself. it’s a mind workout more than a physical one. Forget faddy diets to help you look great, just eat the right colours for your chakras. it’s a cheats way to feeling fantastic and looking great.

The well-being program will, without a doubt change your life in so many positive ways. This includes Usui Reiki level 1 attunement, which enables you to heal yourself and others by simply placing your hands on or close to yourself or others. ONE whole year in the Healing Circle, which covers all problems as well as preventative measures for your present and future health and well-being. You will receive the following, which are all life changing tools should you decide to easily put them into place each day in your life.

Here’s what you will receive:-
Usui Reiki level 1 distant attunement - This is a recognised Diploma should you wish to practise reiki
1 year Healing in the Healing Circle - As featured in New Woman Magazine, Blogtalk Radio and BBC Radio
Colour Therapy - Details how you can use colour therapy in your Life to improve your health & well-being and balance the chakras
Chakra Balancing
101 ways to transform your Life Audio Wayne Dyer
Excuses begone Wayne Dyer
Louise Hay ‘ You can heal your Life’ affirmations. Symptoms / probable cause / affirmations to use
Alex Loyd’s The Healing Codes
Attracting abundance into your Life
Prosperity Plan
Cosmic Ordering Audio
Alkaline Food chart
On going support and encouragement when you need it

You will also receive a link to another website where you can receive free healing right now
With all the information provided you will know where problems lie and which chakra it relates to and have the information to begin giving your body the right conditions to enable it to heal itself again. Its all so simple and costs nothing to implement as you will already have everything you need around the home already. Includes information, advice and suggestions to improve your health and change your Life, along with free healing right now


The idea of this program is to work inside out, rather than outside in. This way, no matter what you really look like, you will learn to love and accept yourself, just the way you are and really enjoy being you again. All physical ailments and problems come from our mental state, thoughts and thinking patterns which are repeated each day. Each day we have around 60,000 thoughts. Sadly each day, usually the same 60,000 thoughts. The mind governs everything in the body. The mind is just like a computer. You can re program it with anything you like and if you continue to do so, it will without a doubt eventually carry out those instructions. Your thoughts carry energy and are energy. Thought is one of the most powerful and potent forms of energy. Energy that we not only send out to our body, but others and the universe, also attracting the same and what we are thinking (whether that is lacking or not) The great thing about the mind, just like a computer is that it doesn’t need to be able to understand the program it is running in order for it to work. The mind is exactly the same, therefore when you are using positive affirmations and implementing the tools and information you are given, you only need to continue doing so in order for the instruction to eventually be carried out. A little similar to self hypnosis.

The most important information is kept as brief as possible so it really can be implemented immediately once you have established the problem areas and corresponding chakras. It is all very simple, easy to understand and self explanatory. You don’t really need to understand the information, just read it and then you will establish which areas and chakras you are required to work on and away you go.

If you really wish to be happy in life and content with complete peace of mind, don’t think this is a distant dream, it can just as soon as you chose to make that decision become reality. All these tools and the information I provide are not just a quick fix, although you will begin feeling the positive changes in your life once the Reiki attunement has been carried out. They really are life changing tools and will, without a doubt change your life in so many positive ways. The more you use them, the quicker you will feel and see the results.

This program is designed to change your life forever, without you having to change what you are doing, simply changing the way you are already doing it. Make that decision and choice today to be happy again and feel great about yourself and who you are. When you feel this good, the only opinion you will care about, is your own and you won’t be seeking others for approval. The reiki attunement will encourage so many positive changes in your life, which may be long over due (see reasons to learn reiki) You will also be much more positive and therefore attract more of that into your life and the people around you

Life is all about finding the right Balance and these tools and this information will help you to do that and continue to maintain that balance. When the chakras are balanced and the mind and body, you will find all areas in your life are balanced. Rather than attempting the impossible and trying it the other way around and trying to balance everything outside yourself, hoping this will improve how you are feeling. When we are looking for outside influences to change how we are feeling inside, we will always be looking in vain.

Do something amazing and life changing with your life TODAY.

If you really are ready and willing to change your life, this package contains all the information and tools to enable you to do just that

Your personal history is just that and you are only ever a thought away from changing your Life.

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